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7 Quick and Easy Post-Fueling Meal Ideas for the Busy Athlete

Katie Breazeale, MS, RD, LD


You need to eat but hate the idea of standing in the kitchen creating this perfectly balanced meal.  We understand.  Check out our top 7 post fueling meals that are quick and easy!


1. Power bowls.  This is a fast way to get everything you need. Instant rice, canned beans, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, salsa, and your choice of protein- beef or chicken and wah la dinner is served.

2. Taco night. There are so many ways to change this up. Fish, shrimp, beef, or chicken.  You could add broccoli slaw instead of traditional lettuce. I love salsa with all tacos!  The sides could be rice or a fresh fruit salad.

3. Stir fry. I love the concept of stir fry.  It is simple, fast, and has the carbs and protein needed to refuel.  A frozen bag of stir fry vegetables, chicken, shrimp, or beef and served over rice or quinoa. 

4. Pasta.  Pasta is simple and comes in so many varieties.  Make a quick pot of pasta, add marinara, chicken, a side salad, and garlic bread. 

5. A sandwich.  I must add a quick non-cooked meal.  A turkey sandwich on whole grain with cheese and fresh fruit and crackers on the side is a perfect post fueling combo.

6. Scrambled eggs.  Eggs are a fast and easy protein choice to cook.  You can serve them as a breakfast burrito or as the main entrée with a bagel, turkey sausage, and fresh fruit.

7. The simple meal.  Sometimes you simply want to grill a piece of chicken or salmon, have a baked potato, steamable vegetables or a salad, and a cup of berries.  It is simple, easy, and you can change the seasonings up to give it variety.

These meals, while seemingly simple, have everything you need for post-fueling.  Carbs for replenishing glycogen stores and protein for muscle recovery.  And the best part is they are fast and made for the athlete with a busy schedule.

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