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Drink Water


Course Offers

Sixteen Week Digital Course That Focuses on:

  • Building Your Athlete Plate

  • Nutrient Dense Foods

  • Liquid Calories

  • Fueling Schedule

8 Week Nutrition Course for the high school or college athlete! 

Topics covered: 

  • How to Build Your Athlete Plate

  • When and How Much to Eat

  • Race, Game, Competition Day Plan

  • Hydration Testing

  • Fueling Schedule

  • Reduce Inflammation Through Food

Learn about what it means to be an an endurance athlete with low iron. 

  •  What is iron 

  • What lab values indicate low iron 

  •  How to supplement properly

  • When to supplement as a female in order to maximize absorption.

Four Week Digital Course That Deep Dives Into Your Hydration. Focuses On:

  • Learn How Much to Drink Daily

  • Learn How Much to Drink During Training

  • Assess Your Electrolyte Need

  • Put it All Together With a Hydration Plan

45 Minute Individual coaching with registered sport dietitian. Can be added on to any course offering. 

Athlete Injury
Nutrition Course
-Coming Soon!

Six Week Digital Course That Focuses on:

  • How to Adjust Your Athlete Plate During Injury

  • Supplement Recommendations to Help Support Healing

  • Fueling Schedule

8 Weeks of Fueling Education for the Adult fitness enthusiast! 

  • Assessment & Goal Setting

  • Athlete Plates

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Pre-workout

  • Post-workout

  • Hydration

  • Competition Day

  • Reducing Inflammation. 

Five Short Videos (2-3 Mins) On Improving Your Fueling. Focusing on:

  • What to Practice Daily

  • How to Plan for Race Day

  • Hydration

  • Electrolytes

If you have ever wanted someone to plan it all for you, this is the option for you! This subscription includes a meal plan (recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks), easy-to-follow recipes, grocery lists for organized grocery shopping and much more! This plan will even include Sunbasket meal kits and prepared meals! 

45 Minute Individual coaching with registered sport dietitian. Can be added on to any course offering. 

16 Week Digital Course For the Endurance Athlete Focusing On:

  • Assessment + Goal Setting

  • Build Your Plate

  • When + How Much to Eat

  • Hydration

  • Pre + Post Workout

  • Race Day Planning

  • Reducing Inflammation

This program includes the following:

  • 8 weeks of nutrition education

  • Personalized meal plan

 Throughout this program, I guide you on building balanced meals, learning how to hydrate appropriately for your workouts and much more!  

*This plan was built for EPOC gym programs. 

This is a four week deep dive into building your meals. This mini series will help you understand:

  • How to periodize your nutrition based on how much you are training/working out

  • Fueling your body as an active person/athlete can be so easy with this proven method!

You will receive four weeks of nutrition videos along with assignments to complete to ensure you improve your skills along the way. You are supported by a sports dietitian through the chat/message function of the nutrition app.

30 + recipes to FUEL your family! All recipes have a focus on whole foods, easy prep and fast cook times. 

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