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Elevate Your Performance With Performance Nutrition Fueling.

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I'm a board certified sports dietitian, helping fuel every active person from professional athletes to high school athletes to active gym-goers. No matter what your goal is: to win the Super Bowl, complete an Ironman Triathlon or increase your weight in the weight room, performance nutrition fueling can help you achieve your goals.



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Judy Verbeke

I wanted to report after the race!  It went great, I’m so happy to say that I shaved off 5 minutes from Chicago and a PR for me - woo hoo!  The fueling was great.  I am delighted with the result.  THANK YOU for all the guidance - I believe the fueling set me up well!

Man Drinking Water

Dave Taylor

Just a quick update and BIG THANK YOU! I nailed my marathon today, following your hydration plan while also getting comfortable with salt tablets. I have a 13 buffer for Boston. I found our session to be VERY educational!

City Running

Douglas Elliott

I finally made it into the top 10 in an Ironman branded event!!!

As you can see I was seconds away from the sixth and seventh place finishers and a little over a minute from fifth which would have been a podium spot! Wanted to share with you the tools I learned about nutrition from you that played a huge role in my success I’m experiencing this year! Thank you again for everything!


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